When managing several high-end vehicles or pieces of machinery, like power tools and construction vehicles, fleet management ensures your investments are monitored for quality, safety, and cost reduction. Fleet management, like Scout by VOS Systems, provides several benefits to companies and private owners. With a quality fleet management program, you can improve employee safety, optimize machine and vehicle protection and maintenance, and streamline your practices in many ways. A fleet management system ensureyour business, and its assets, are protected and productive 

Safety, Accountability & Compliance

Scout’s fleet management system provides GPS tracking and real-time visibility of machine and vehicle usage. Fleet managers can monitor driver behavior, location and safety. If inconsistencies or issues are seen in driver behavior, proper training and management can be utilized in turn. Drivers can also rest assured that while operating machinery or vehicles, they are being safely monitored if an accident occurs. The end result is increased driver safety, compliance to safety guidelines, and optimized operations of vehicles and machinery.  

Fuel & Operation Management

Fuel and operational costs are ever-evolving, and saving on these daily spends can result in a notable budgetary benefit. Scout’s fleet management software allows you to track movements, usage, idle times, and where gas or other resources may idle, causing waste and loss of company profit. Pinpointing these scenarios and problem areas allows managers to put a stop to resource wasting and save on costs, while encouraging productivity.  

Vehicle & Machinery Maintenance

Large fleets require consistent monitoring for machinery maintenance and extending the life of equipment and vehicles. On top of that, machines left idling can cause unnecessary wear on your investment. By monitoring and limiting idle time, you can prevent unnecessary maintenance and elongate the life of your machines. Analytical data that fleet management provides also can help streamline maintenance appointments, with real-time tracking and notifications of machines being fixed, and forecasting future maintenance needs based on machine usage.