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The Scout Technology Platform: Powerful, Versatile, Customizable

SCOUT Commercial Partnerships

Incorporate Scout Connectivity Into Your Product or Service Offering

Scout technology provides a robust and easily configured platform for endowing any product or service with the ability to connect to the internet in places where no internet connection is available.

Any product that incorporates Scout technology will have 24/7 connectivity to the internet and to users’ smartphones and desktops. And every Scout includes the ability for over-the-air firmware updates, so users will always have your most current features.


Scout Can Power-Up Your Company

All data from your deployed Scouts can be sent to your company apps and web-app by simple API calls. Or we can customize the Scout mobile apps to fit the marketing identity of your company. Either way, your branded apps will provide an unprecedented opportunity for ongoing interaction with your stakeholders and customers: In-app push notifications or reminders can be sent to customers based on their location, or on the distance traveled since last notification, or on the time elapsed since last routine service.


Custom Everything to Meet Your Needs

Our in-house US-based engineering and manufacturing means we can customize any aspect of the Scout platform. We will build custom boards for integration into your products, or make special versions of Scout for your market: Precision GPS location, 24/7 cellular connectivity to the Internet, BT 5.0 device data, geofence zone-crossing alerts, tampering or movement alerts, reporting of temperature, shocks or drops, speed & distance traveled… Whatever your company needs. All integrated into your apps and web-apps.

Scout Can be a Fit For Any Company or Industry

The Scout platform can be customized for any commercial market, product line or customer including:


Golf Cart & Specialty Vehicle

Food & Produce Delivery

Pharmaceutical & Specialty Shipping

Construction & Heavy Equipment

Local Delivery Services

Small Fleet Tracking

Medical Staff Offsite Tracking

Aerial Drone Tracking


Medical Device Offsite Tracking

Offsite Professional Staff reporting

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We Build Custom Boards & GPS/IoT Products – Here in the USA

Scout GPS Alerts

We Provide Anything Your Company Needs:

  • Boards for integration into existing products
  • Customized cases for various uses
  •  Designed, engineered and built in the USA
  •  Cat-M1 IoT 4G cell, GPS location, motion, BT 5.0
  •  24/7 cellular connectivity to Internet
  •  Customized apps or API access for existing apps
  •  Alerts for tampering or movement
  •  Alerts for distance traveled or elapsed time
  • Recording/reporting movement, shock, drop, tilt
  •  Accurate GPS location, speed & direction
  •  Precise geofence zones and zone-crossing alerts
  •  Real-time “turn-by-turn” location tracking
  •  Recording of location “history”
  •  Firmware-over-the-Air